The Ultimate Bungee Jumper

bungee jump in action

Bungee News

We have just completed a major upgrade this March 2017 to the Ultimate Bungee Jumper so players can go higher faster. Here is a quick video of the test pilot making sure it passes the coolness test. He’s not going very high as the video was taken at the end of a long jump test. He gave it two thumbs up and so will you.

  • This is one of our newest attractions and it is definitely one of the most sought after games. If you like flying high in the air look no further than the Ultimate Bungee Jumper.
  • Each player controls how high they want to jump. According to the manufacturers you can reach up to 22 feet in the air - high enough for everyone to get excited about. That is over two stories high!
  • The Bungee Jumper has a totally automated system that you control once the attendants hook you up in your safety harness. Just start jumping when cleared by the attendant and let the fun begin. This Bungee trampoline has four stations and is suitable for big kids too! In fact it is perfect for anyone between 40 and 190 pounds in weight.
  • Trust the professionals at Bounce Kingdom to provide awesome entertainment for your next event by clicking the booking button at the top of the website. We will provide a quote for you within 24 hours.
  • check out the cool video at the bottom of this page of a worker giving the bungee jumper a workout at the trade show when we bought the new game.

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