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Mobile Laser Tag
Indoor or Outdoor System

We offer services for other types of events across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI. Email us your details and we will be happy to put together a great attraction package for you.

Laser tag rentals Nova Scotia New Brunswick - we offer a commercial system that is portable for events inside or outside.

Packages start with 10 laser blasters and large inflatable bunkers to hide behind. As well our systems come with cool interactive play devices such as medic and scoring pods to increase the fun.

This is the game to go to when you are looking for a group activity for corporate events, school activities, or just something fun and different to do. We offer packages for up to 10 players to participate at one time, and we can provide up to two systems at one location if you so desire.

Is Laser Tag safe? Absolutely. No actual lasers are used but rather a harmless infrared light similar to the TV remote in your home.

We offer a variety of packages and experiences for you to choose from. The blasters are colour coded so we can accommodate large groups of players at a single time in one area, with easily recognizable team colours. This is the Safest Laser Tag System in the Industry and the light weight makes them suitable for ages 5 and older. Scores are displayed on the blaster during and after the game.

Space: We recommend a minimum area of 50 feet by 30 feet (1500 sq. feet) to operate in. Add our inflatable bunkers and you are all set to receive instructions from our game marshall. Systems are available fully staffed so you just sick back and watch the fun.

Mobile Laser Tag Blasters -


• lightweight design
• safety two hand operation
• on field options like medic, reloader, mines
• flashing light indicators to identify team members
• score keeping on each blaster
• sound cues on each blaster

Our system works inside or outside day or night.

With up to 10 blasters and games lasting from 3 to 10 minutes or longer our laser tag game allows plenty of people to play this game per hour. This makes it one of the best value items in the party rental business. Laser tag is a perfect entertainment attraction for school fairs, safe grads, fairs, festivals, and town events in Nova Scotia, PEI, and New Brunswick locations.

lazer tag nova scotia

laser tag nova scotia

Bounce Kingdom laser tag comes with inflatable bunker packages for players to hide behind. Town festivals at night just before the fire works is an example of the perfect time to operate this game on an open field. You can setup this game inside as well. You can use the game in a gymnasium at a school or indoor arena and we have tons of people who can attest to how much fun this is.

Our system is not suitable for birthday parties.

Bounce Kingdom is NS’s leader in mobile Laser Tag

All Blasters are coloured in team colours and flashing lights so players can quickly identify who is on their team. Like in the real world all Blasters can be hit either by friendly or enemy fire so players must aim before shooting. Scores are displayed on each Blaster during and after the game for players to compare how well they performed. Each Blaster has it's in built speaker for players to receive feedback when they are firing the Blaster, successfully tagging the opposition and when they have been hit.

laser tag rentals in Nova Scotia
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