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RC Stock Car Racing

Micro Reality Nascar Racing Game

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Nascar Style Rc Stock Car Racing or Micro Reality Racing is a game we have been providing in one version or another for over 20 years. It is one of our most popular games and it never fails to attract a large audience of racers and spectators.

We have seen families young and old walk up and have a “family race” which is something special If you want your event to have something different and exciting that people will look forward to year after year, look no further than this fantastic racing attraction.

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rc race track

micro reality racing

Nascar Style Rc Stock Car Racing is a professional attraction that fits in any trade show booth and provides great fun at a company event. Imagine racing for a real prize on this track. This is a perfect item to use to hand out marketing prizes to race winners. We have handled events for fun right on up to events where the grand prize was worth thousands of dollars.

Due to the high level of precision built into our systems we can keep all cars running at identical speeds so the best drivers win. What you see in the pictures are six custom consoles with six nascar style RC racing cars. We also provide the flags, big screen tv for lap counting, stereo for playing the racing music, and racing play by play.

When it comes to corporate events we are the best based on hundreds of events across America. Do you need a system for your event in North America? We can help you out. Just hit the instant quote button and lets see what we can do for you.

Some of our customers include but are not limited to the following :

Chrysler Finance Canada
Nissan USA
Highliner Seafoods
Clover Leaf
NY Auto Show

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Outdoor RC Stock Car Racing

NEW FOR 2016

Nascar style RC Stock Car Racing Games - 6 players can race at one time with our new outdoor attraction, RC stock car racing. The trailer can show up to your event and be running in under 30 minutes.

Still a popular attraction wherever we go it made sense to us that we needed to update it, so here it is. NEW for 2016 is our RC stock car racing trailer with all the lights and sounds of the real thing.

New Nascar Style Racing Trailer

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The Fastrack

rc nascar game in nova scotia

rc racing game in a trailer

rc nascar game in nova scotia

Here is a video we did up at a local university party