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Mobile Rock Climbing Wall

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Four Climbers at the Same Time

One of our top games is the mobile rock climbing wall that stands over 24′ in height. With its realistic rock climbing surface and 4 Auto-Belay safety systems unique to our wall this attraction makes a great addition to a party or event.

We provide trained rock wall attendants for absolute safety and supply everything required to operate and play on this game including the safety harnesses, player instructions and close monitoring of the action.

The Drop-A-Rock is the first portable rock climbing wall to offer four unique climbing stations and it can handle four players simultaneously. It is specifically designed to look and feel like rock without using an abrasive wall surface so that you can accommodate the full age range of climbers. Good looks, reliability, and versatility make this the best portable rock climbing wall on the market.

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Each climbing station offers dual hydraulic auto belay systems for the ultimate in safety. The system automatically controls the descent of the climber so they touch down perfectly. Climbing is so much fun, and a great workout too. Consider adding our rock climbing to your next event and discover why this is such a growing sport in the Maritimes.

There are four different routes with varying degrees of difficulty from easy to medium to hard. The biggest difference in each route is the number and size of the hand/foot holds that you see.

Safety: We recommend wearing suitable foot wear when attempting to rock climb for safety purposes. We do not allow free climbing without the harnesses and hookup to the auto belay. The Drop-A-Rock is the perfect portable rock climbing wall for carnivals or fairs, schools, grand opening events, special promotions, fundraising, team building events, exhibitions, reunions. It’s height and red sand stone colour draw people from long distances to check it out.