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A video of our inflatable games lets you see what each item is about. Our plan is to add videos as often as possible. To ensure that a game is right for your event we recommend talking to the experts in the office who have years of experience putting together packages that make sense for each individual group.

We average a couple hundred events a year ranging from small parties to gigantic city events so you know we have the answers for you.

Trust us to provide safe equipment, run by professionally trained individuals each and every time.

The website is broken into two main areas for simplicity with many other filler pages for details. The two main pages are feature games and inflatable games. Feature games are items that serve as a centre piece for an event to attract and amaze your audience. Inflatables are the core rentals that move your crowd. Sizes from small to giant sizes are built to serve different ranges of ages and audiences.

We are more than happy to answer all your questions so email us or pick up a phone. our hours are 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Saturday. if we don’t answer we may be temporarily tied up but will return a call asap.

Thanks for dropping by.

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Inflatable Velcro Wall Game in Nova Scotia

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We are commercially insured to operate in NS, NB and PEI with our inflatable games and other equipment.